Launch new website Hendriks Sporthorses

Launch new website Hendriks Sporthorses

At the stable of Hendriks Sporthorses in Loo they train young horses to a high level. They only invest in unique high-quality horses. To design a website that fits the high-quality services offered by Hendriks, they approached the experts from Equine MERC. And we are delighted that we can now present the end result to you!

A number of photo days were scheduled to capture the beautiful complex and the beautiful horses on camera. In addition, we wrote all content and displayed the horses in an organized manner. To do this, we used the horse plugin we developed for WordPress websites. With this tool everything you want to know about the elegant creatures can be seen at one glance.

Curious about the result? Click here to view the website.

Daisy on Wheels in the West: the old-timer event in the Netherlands!

Daisy on Wheels in the West: the old-timer event in the Netherlands!

On 29 and 30 September the old-timer event Wheels in the West took place in Hazerswoude-Dorp. Daisy van Nieuwkasteele was present for the stand of the private collection of mr. Zegwaard. With 11,000 m2 of vintage cars this was the Walhalla for the enthusiast.

Wim Zegwaard is well known in the old-timer world. He has a large collection of vintage DAF cars. On Wheels in the West he had about 15 DAF cars on display. Car fanatic Fred Oosterlaan has restored all these DAF cars.

On Saturday morning Mayor Liesbeth Spies was at the fair with among others the race car driver Jan Lammers. They also visited Mr Zegwaard’s booth to view the impressive DAF collection.

Daisy: “It was a whole new experience, this classic car show! But it was great fun to meet all (over 5,000!) enthusiasts and tell them more about the cars. Until next year! ”

Equine MERC organiseert Luciana Diniz’ GROW Ride

Equine MERC organiseert Luciana Diniz’ GROW Ride

Last week, Luc and Daisy organised the GROW Ride event in Wachtberg for one of the best showjumpers in the world: Luciana Diniz. The Brazilian Luciana has developed a program combining coaches from all over the world; GROW Ride. This program challenges the riding skills of participants, but they get also challenged emotionally. In addition, fitness is also one of the important subjects of GROW!

Showjumpers & company day
Participants could chose between different programs. There was a five-day and a two-day program. These programs were specially designed for show jumpers. The intensive time that the participants spent together resulted in a good group feeling, creating a super atmosphere.

There was also a special day for companies. Also non-equestrian entrepreneurs could register for this day. This created particularly beautiful situations between people with zero horse experience and the noble animals.


Physical & mental fitness
During GROW, attention was paid to a wide range of subjects. The Colombian Diego Linares, initiator of Rider Balance, put the riders to work. He showed that balance is one of the core values ​​of a good riding posture. He let the participants execute exercises to improve core stability, posture and balance. Deto Marco da Silva freed all participants from aggression and tension with his boxing lessons.

Xiaofei Sui showed the art of Taiji ball. By mixing tennis and tai chi, self-awareness and awareness of the body is improved.

Bettina Halifax spent time on mental well being in smaller groups during the Emotional ride.

Dressage queen Monica Theodorescu
Because dressage is the basis of almost every equestrian sport, this discipline was also on the agenda. The first couple of days, Susanna Andersch and Antonio Luis Conejo Paez from Club de Equitación Rio Grande from Spain trained the showjumpers. They focused on various dressage exercises, such as flying changes.

On Friday, Monica Theodorescu, yes: the national coach of the German dressage team, came to Wachtberg to provide dressage classes. She showed them the intricacies of the trade. It was amazing to see how quickly the riders picked up the tips and showed improvement.


Color counting
The participants started riding in a playful manner during the color counting part. While riding, the riders were asked questions, putting their focus on the test. Examples of this are calculating sums and rising and sitting down in canter.

Butterfly exercises
Of course, GROW also paid attention to jumping. Antonis Petris, for example, put the riders to work with cavaletti’s and Luciana Diniz explained her Butterfly exercises. Per participant the exercises were videotaped and analysed in the evening.

Psyche of the horse
The psyche of the horse was also discussed. Horsemanship expert Leo Rauscher taught all participants everything about good horsemanship. Delilah Cuddihy went deeper into the behavior of horses at a scientific level. Finally, Anna Kerckhoff de Sacchi performed a demonstration with a horse in the round pen. She showed how to be a good leader and how well a horse can mirror your emotions.

The week ended with a competition that was won by the American Katia Manuel Adams. She managed to secure a place for the final which will take place next year. The French rider Marie Madeuf became second and the third place was for the young Irish rider Finn O’Hara.

Click here an impression of GROW.

New website Stal Hendrix

New website Stal Hendrix

Whoehoe it’s live! The new website of Stal Hendrix. It took some time and effort, but the website is now for everyone to see. We are proud, take a quick look and judge for yourself!

The old website of Stal Hendrix was somewhat outdated and no longer met the wishes of the international sport and breeding company. That is why we, Equine MERC, were asked to design and fill the new website.

On the new website you can read all about the history and the present of the family business, you can admire the stallions and you can read everything about breeding. You stay up to date with all the latest news and you will find more information about the events organized by Stal Hendrix. Examples of this are the Limburg Foal Auction and the Dutch Sport Horse Sales, of which we have also designed the website.

Click here to view the website.

Thank you for your subscription!

Good to hear that you want to stay in touch with us! To ensure that you only receive information that suits you, we offer you the opportunity to update your mail preferences here.

GROW Ride Aachen 2018: first collaboration with Luciana Diniz

Aachen – The event GROW Ride, an initiative of the Olympic rider Luciana Diniz, took place from April 27th until the first of May. Equine MERC was responsible for the organisation of the event.

Twenty riders participated in the 5 day course named GROW Ride. The goal is to develop riding talent. According to the methodology of Luciana Diniz, the mental side of riding is a very important aspect. This received lots of attention during the five days in the form of meditation, archery and psychological counselling. Besides that, many program items were focussed on training rider and horse by, amongst others, cavaletti training and horsemanship training.

Butterfly exercises
Luciana developed her own training method. This method uses a variable number of fences that are build up in the shape of a butterfly. This training course can be jumped in various ways. To give the participants more insight, the Butterfly training method was extensively covered during the GROW Ride in Aachen. The Butterfly exercises are also in her new book FIT4GOLD and the GROW workbook.

The finals took place on the last day, day five. The equestrian livestream company ClipMyHorse produced a video report every day. All participants lined up for the start in the Deutsche Bank Stadium. Winner Heiller Andrés Torres won free participation in the GROW Ride Finals in 2019, including hotel and flight (value €5.000,-)

Role Equine MERC
Luc van Moorsel of Equine MERC took off to Aachen to take care of the smooth running of proceedings. His responsibilities were providing structure, instructing staff and making schedules. Luc about his experiences during GROW: “It was a great week. Because we have been involved only two weeks prior to the event, it was important to find out who was responsible for what and to streamline the agreements and appointments. Working with this many nationalities was incredibly fun and educative. Our team consists of people from Brazil, Portugal, Poland, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium. I had a great time!”

Check the video of GROW Ride by ClipMyHorse.

F.l.t.r. Henry Martinez, Luiz da Silva, Luc van Moorsel, Luciana Diniz & Roberta Ferraretto.

Every started with a GROW Talk by Luciana Diniz.

Horsemanship expert Edwin Wittwer gave a training during GROW.

Luc had the keys of the magic complex of Aachen for 6 days.

Successful second edition CDI4* Lier

Successful second edition CDI4* Lier

From February 28th to 4 March 4th, a grand dressage event took place in Lier: CDI4* Lier! For this second edition of the competition we, Equine MERC, were among other things asked to design and fill a completely new website. Within record time we had delivered a complete website. The event is now easy to find on the Internet. And oh, worth mentioning is that the event had the Equine MERC Prix!

Prior to the event, we took care of the promo material and provided the social media with a fun and new look. During the event we were also responsible for reporting together with Equnews. We were also the sponsor of the Equine MERC Prix; the U25 Grand Prix Freestyle. The Danish rider Nanna Skodberg Merrald won this category. Luc van Moorsel was the lucky one who handed her the prize.

Dressage sport of the highest level

Super performances were delivered during CDI Lier by, among others, the Belgian rider Jorinde Verwimp. She was with her Tiamo the victor in the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle. The Spaniard Sergio Martin Palos won first place in the Grand Prix Special. In short: dressage lovers could eat their heart out!

2019 edition

We want to thank the organization of CDI Lier for a really nice cooperation. In 2019 the exciting event will take place from 27 February to 3 March. We are already excited!

Equine MERC Prix: Nanna Skodborg Merrald and Saadon Que dance towards victory!

Equine MERC Prix: Nanna Skodborg Merrald and Saadon Que dance towards victory!

LIER – The last day of CDI Lier started of with the U25 Grand Prix Freestyle. Nine combinations from five different countries entered the arena. The Danish rider Nanna Skodborg Merrald won with a score of 72,550%

1. Nanna Skodborg Merrald (DEN) – Saadan Que
2. Denise Ljungkvist (SWE) – Soega
3. Florine Kienbaum (GER) – Doktor Schiwago 3
4. ClairBR) – Annette Ballerina
5. Ryan Todd (GBR) – Charlex Eskebjerg

See all results

f.l.t.r. Nanna Skodborg Merrald, Luc van Moorsel, Joyce Lebon. Photocredit: Chris Coessens

Equine MERC sponsor category CDI4 * Lier

Equine MERC sponsor category CDI4 * Lier

The exciting dressage event CDI4 * Lier has started today! Several top riders like Jorinde Verwimp, Tristan Tucker, Mary Hanna, Emma Hindle, Inna Logutenkova and Akane Kuroki will come into action. We are therefore delighted that we are sponsor of the CDI U25 Grand Prix Freestyle that will be held on Sunday morning, March 4th!

On the beautiful new website of the four-star event, which is free to visit, all information can be found. Click here for the complete program overview, and do not forget to keep an eye on our category!

Yes! Website De Havikerwaard now LIVE!

Yes! Website De Havikerwaard now LIVE!

Hard work pays off! The new website of De Havikerwaard is up and running. We have provided the renowned trainer of international sport horses with a modern look. Take a quick look and let us know what you think!

De Havikerwaard was founded in 1995 by Jan van de Kamp. They converted a former brick factory into a beautiful horse accommodation. Through Jan’s great passion for breeding and top sport, the company has become an established name in the horse world. Some of the figureheads are Lord Sandro and Wolisco DDH.

Mr. van de Kamp approached us to design a completely new website where the identity of the company, and especially the horses, is the main topic. With the special horse plugin that we developed, a clear and beautiful overview of all horses has been realized.

Visitors to the website are welcomed by a beautiful impression video of the company. They can quickly and easily find the information they are looking for.

Curious about the result? Then go quickly to!

View more of our projects:

Website Stoeterij VZ Hackerom live!

Website Stoeterij VZ Hackerom live!

After we designed a brand new logo for Stoeterij VZ Hackerom, it was time for a new and modern website! The equestrian company has multiple famous horses and is therefore an established name in the horse world. That’s why it was also important that the website got the matching allure.

We have implemented the VZ Hackerom logo in the website. We have done this among other things with the featured news on the homepage. As a result, the website really is unique. Luc also went to the company to shoot some great pics, to fill the website with good quality photographs.

The horses are of course the most important thing of the company. Hence the horses are clearly categorized. It is easy for visitors to find information on the structured and clear website.

We are very pleased with the website and invite you to take a look!

Website Stoeterij VZ Hackerom

Website Keizersberg live

Website Keizersberg live

Every professional stable needs a stylish website that displays the image and the quality. Since the end of 2015, Stal Keizersberg has a new accomodation and is now also equipped with a brand new website. Marketing- and event agency Equine MERC was put to work by Stal Keizersberg to create a matching website and the marketers of Equine MERC went to work!

Stal Keizersberg focuses on breeding, sports and trading jumpers. They have a very beautiful property and put down great results with their showjumpers. Equine MERC has designed a stylish website that is very clean and easy to use. Customers easily navigate to any desired page on the website. In addition, the horses of Stal Keizersberg can soon be admired on the website. To be able to have a clear overview, a whole new horse plugin was developed. Check it out now!

We are very happy! What do you think?

Luc van Moorsel presenter at Stal Hendrix’ stallion show

Luc van Moorsel presenter at Stal Hendrix’ stallion show

KESSEL – The fifth edition of Stal Hendrix’ stallion show took place last night. Luc van Moorsel, co-owner of equestrian marketing and event agency Equine MERC, was responsible for hosting this annual evening.

Six studs were presented last night: Don Diablo HX, Gaspahr, Cape Coral RBF Z, George and Entertainer are all stallions that have been in training at Stal Hendrix for several years now. They exceed their promises; both as sires and sport horses. The 20-year-old Ultimo van ter Moude also appeared in the arena. The former Grand Prix horse ridden by Todd Minikus was presented on hand.

Two or more offspring were shown of every stud. Both ridden or on hand. This was highly appreciated by the visitors.

After every stallion made his entrance, Luc did a short introduction. Paul and Emile Hendrix took over afterwards for a more technical clarification.

There was an honouring planned halfway through the evening for the breeders of two successful young stallions. Both stallions, owned by Stal Hendrix, have succeeded in the first, second and third round viewings and are now invited for the KWPN stallion test.

It was a beautiful edition. We thank Stal Hendrix for their trust.

Cape Coral RBF Z and Pieter Keunen in the arena during the stallion show at Stal Hendrix

Stal Hendrix
Piet Keunen and Jack Verstappen during the honoring of their successful breeding products

Stal Hendrix Cape Coral RBF Z
Cape Coral RBF Z showed some impressive jumps last night with Pieter Keunen

Admire website of Aşure now!

Admire website of Aşure now!

ure is responsible for amongst others designing the beautiful stables of Carpe Diem Equestrian Team and Rob Ehrens. These impressive accommodations are the work of Ahmet Yilmaz: and for such a creative mastermind a matching website was needed. Aşure came to marketing and event agency Equine MERC to create the perfect website.

The horsemen of Equine MERC put a lot of effort to develop a unique website. It has not become a standard website, but that was also not the intention! We strive to create one of a kind web sites, because every company is different. Through a clear homepage you can easily navigate to the various projects. The site is very clean and easy to understand. Many images where used to fill the website. An architect, off course, cannot do without!

We are very proud of the unique result! What do you think?


Organisatie 2e editie Hoefslag Masterclass in handen van Equine MERC

Organisatie 2e editie Hoefslag Masterclass in handen van Equine MERC

Mark May the 20th in your agenda: the second edition of the Hoefslag Masterclass will take place on the grounds of the Rotterdamsche Manège / CHIO Rotterdam. After a successful first edition in 2016, the organization of the event is now in the hands of marketing and events agency Equine MERC to get the event to an even higher level. This year’s theme is: Learn to understand your horse better.

The Hoefslag Masterclass is an annual masterclass with a theme that is recognizable and appealing for many riders. During this masterclass, Equine MERC is fully committed to put together a day of excellent education. Only professionals will be part of this beautiful and educational day. Last years edition of the Masterclass with the theme “Going on competition” attracted many horse lovers. This year’s theme is “Learn to understand your horse better”. Isn’t that something all riders pursue? During the Hoefslag Masterclass a variety of topics will be featured that may be the cause of any miscommunications between rider and horse.

Not only is it possible to attend the Masterclass Hoefslag as a visitor, it is also possible to attend a booth at the event! For more information contact

Daisy & Luc: “We were very happy when we got the responsibility for organizing the Hoefslag Masterclass. Last year it was already a very successful edition and this year we want to expand this only further. The goal is to expand the Masterclass with a nice promo village where visitors can enjoy shopping and fine dining. This year we hope to increase the numbers of visitors to 700. ”

About the location
The Rotterdamsche Manège is located in the Kralingse Bos and is well-known under horse people. It is not only the location where CHIO Rotterdam is held; it is also the place where Hoefslag Masterclass takes place since 2016. The wonderfully atmospheric outdoor accommodation with a comfortable grandstand is the perfect location for the Hoefslag Masterclass.

Read more about the Master & buy your tickets here.

Equine MERC at Indoor Brabant

Equine MERC at Indoor Brabant

Last weekend, many exciting things were happening in the Brabanthallen in ‘s-Hertogenbosch; the best riders in the world were present with their top horses to compete for the titles during the 50th edition of Indoor Brabant. The event was the scene of the emotional farewell Parzival, in which several people were in tears. Obviously, Equine MERC was present to represent client Horse & Country TV, the only channel dedicated to horses in the Netherlands, with a stand at this prestigious event.

In addition to all the great performances in the rings, it was very busy at the stand of H&C TV. Many horse lovers have visited the stand to hear more about the channel. They were mainly interested in the app, H&C Play, which makes it possible for people to watch their favourite programs anywhere at any time, both live and on demand. The online voucher-action also proved to be very popular! Many fans downloaded the voucher for a free goodie bag via the website, which created a lot of extra publicity.

Interviews with Adelinde Cornelissen & Piet Raijmakers senior and more
Daisy has put together a beautiful new episode of Passe Partout during Indoor Brabant. As presenter of this program, a Dutch production in which viewers get a peek behind the scenes at major events, Daisy interviewed Adeline Cornelissen, Parzival farrier Rob Renirie and many more. To bring the 50th anniversary into vision, Daisy walked through the picture hall with Piet Raijmakers senior and picked up great memories. This episode will be broadcasted on April 3rd at 20:30 hours on Horse & Country TV.

Memorable moments
Indoor Brabant was a very successful event for Horse & Country TV. There were many memorable moments. The top three of the Grand Prix jumping existed solely out of Dutch riders: Leopold van Asten became first, Wout-Jan van der Schans finished in second place and Marc Houtzager took bronze place. Hans Peter Minderhoud triumphed in the dressage. The farewell of Parzival was definitely one for in the books. We are already looking forward to the next event where we will represent Horse & Country TV.

Tadaa! The Equine MERC overview of 2016!

Tadaa! The Equine MERC overview of 2016!

December is the perfect month to look back to the beautiful year 2016. Already the third year that Equine MERC exists! We make a short overview every year. To show it to our offspring in the future. Or to show you off course!

We have not just been sitting on our hands and have been busy with a number of new projects. The last week of this year we are closed due to a short winter sleep. In January we get of full-speed with amongst others the stallion brochures that have to be ready before the KWPN Stallion Show.

We want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope that, together with you, we all have a wonderful year both personal and business.

Wow, that’s an awesome website of Verwimp

Wow, that’s an awesome website of Verwimp

Dressuurstal Verwimp approached Equine MERC for an update of their website. Jorinde Verwimp travelled to Rio de Janeiro to compete in the Olympic Games of 2016 with her horse Tiamo as the representative of Belgium. The tide was high to update the website to a level that meets the qualities of Dressuurstal Verwimp.

A few of the updates that Equine MERC has done is adding the history of the company, an about us page, information about team members and an up to date overview of the horses. Many beautiful pictures have been added to the website to give the visitors a good impression of the accommodation and the horses. In this way, visitors get a better idea of what Verwimp stands for.

Dressuurstal Verwimp did not only get an update of their website, they also got a Social Media membership. This means that the website, Universal Horse Data and the Facebook page are maintained by Equine MERC. This allows Verwimp to focus for the full 100% at their work with the horses.

Curious about the website? Click here!

Website VMF Stables live

Website VMF Stables live

A beautiful accommodation deserves a matching website, that is were Equine MERC stands for. VMF Stables meets this standard, since the launch of the new website. A lot of effort and attention went into the design and text of the online version of the dressage and trading stable. Thanks to the horse plugin, designed by Equine MERC, it has become a website to die for.

VMF Stables is located in a small picturesque village in Zeeland called Ellemeet. The passionate horsemen cater for horses of all levels: from totally green to Grand Prix level. Because horses are the most important aspect of a dressage stable, one of the wishes of owner Liesbeth van Oosten was a clear overview of the horses on the website. This wish has been fulfilled thanks to our own unique horse plugin. When you enter the horse page, you see all relevant information in a blink of an eye. Besides a clear overview, many pictures have been added to the website and you can get to know the team. To keep visitors up to date a news page has been added as well. You are just one click away of the latest results.

We are very happy with the website. Have a look yourself by clicking here.

New in the equestrian world: Universal Horse Data

New in the equestrian world: Universal Horse Data

Recently, Universal Horse Data was launched. UHD is a new online platform for the equestrian world. Briefly summarised, the platform is a combination of Social Media, Google and, focused on equestrian people and businesses worldwide. And when you say Social Media, you say Equine MERC! We take care of the online profiles of our customers with our Social Media subscriptions. Universal Horse Data cannot be missed in the package anymore.

We begin with a brief explanation of what Universal Horse Data exactly is. On this platform both individuals and businesses can create their own profile, which they can completely change to their preferences. One of the profile features is that you can follow interesting people and/or companies. But you can also place messages or products. Example: in the case you sell boots, you can place the boots you have for sale on your own profile. Are you a horse trader? You can place the horses that you have available.

Broader audience
By using Universal Data Horse, new prospects can be reached. The platform has everything to do with equestrian sports and breeding, both national and international. Also interesting messages from followers and news from the equestrian world will be displayed. The purpose of Universal Horse Data is to make the equestrian world more transparent and accessible, says founder Bert van Wanrooij.

Because of the many advantages and possibilities of Universal Horse Data, Equine MERC now takes care of UHD accounts for its customers. Several accounts have already been realised and you can say they are successful. Keeping track of these accounts is a complementary service to our Social Media subscriptions, which involves amongst other things press releases, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Carpe Diem website live

Carpe Diem website live

It took a lot of hard work but the moment has finally arrived: the website of Carpe Diem Equestrian Team was launched today. The distinctive style of the sport and trading stable is introduced into the finer points. Because the site is customised, the visitor has almost the same experience as if it would visit Carpe Diem in real life.

The Turkish Efe Siyahi and Avni Atabek founded Carpe Diem Equestrian Team in 2015. The stable is located in Baarlo, Limburg province, and is up and coming in show jumping. Event and marketing agency Equine MERC was asked to develop a customised website. We were willing to take the challenge and the result is great!

Only perfection is good enough for Carpe Diem. Therefore a customised website was the only logical option. The site provides visitors with all comforts. Visitors can find wonderful videos of the company and all horses are clearly mentioned on the site using our own plugin.

We are very proud of the result. Check it out yourself by clicking here. Enjoy!


Prestigious Al Fares Dubai starts tomorrow

Prestigious Al Fares Dubai starts tomorrow

Tomorrow, Wednesday October 5th, the kick-off of the luxurious Al Fares Dubai takes place. This 11th edition of the exhibition will last until Friday October 7th. It is the ideal opportunity for a company to promote itself in the international market of the United Arab Emirates. In addition, horse lovers from around the world will attend the event. Anemone Horse Trucks, Corton and Liberty Equine Products have exploited this opportunity and will be present at the prestigious fair.

The Al Fares Dubai is held once every two years at the Meydan Race Cours, which is not just any location. It is the place where the famous Dubai World Cup is held. It is a location with a nice hotel, good restaurants, glamorous atmosphere and luxurious stables. The Meydan Racecours can be summarized as the prime location where the rich and elite of the world meet.

The fair has a broad offer of products, which means that there will be many different types of customers present. The Al Fares offers companies the ultimate opportunity to make new contacts and expand their clientele. There is a wide range of international equestrian products, services, equipment and veterinary technologies for horses, riders, horse owners, breeders and professionals.

Anemone Horse Trucks, a specialist in horse transport, Corton, specialised in horse barns and stables, and Liberty Equine Products, amongst others founder of the horse walker, are a perfect complement to the fair. They will bring horse lovers of the Middle East to new insights with their high quality and innovative horse products. We wish them good luck: enjoy the special world Dubai has to offer!

Interested in attempting the fair or questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact Daisy Nieuwkasteele of Equine MERC, official agent of Al Fares Dubai.

Email: or phone: 06 2411 0599

liberty_dubai anemone_dubai2



We did it again: Dutch Sport Horse Sales catalogue finished!

We did it again: Dutch Sport Horse Sales catalogue finished!

In addition to the auction and website, Equine MERC takes care of the catalogue of the Dutch Sport Horse Sales since 2012. And we did it again: the catalogue is finished and looks great!

The Dutch Sport Horse Sales is an annual horse auction organised on the initiative of Stal Hendrix. The auction collection consists of talented young show jumpers, selected by the Hendrix-family and Yves Houtackers. This year September 19th and 20th, the Dutch Sport Horse Sales will take place at Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen in Kronenberg for the first time.

The catalogue has undergone a minor facelift this year. The corporate identity of the Dutch Sport Horse Sales has been renewed last year by going live with the new website and this year we also reflected the new identity in the catalogue. The collection of 2016 can be seen on the website, but the horses can also be admired in the digital catalogue. Besides the collection, the catalogue also contains interviews with Emma Augier de Moussac and Vincent Voorn, regular guests of the auction. In addition, we show a number of successful horses that have been sold via the DSHS.

We are curious what you think about our new collection and catalogue!

Presentation: Monday September 19th – 19.30 hours
Auction: Tuesday September 20th – 19.30 hours

Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen
Travers 5 (navigation Peelstraat)
5976 PL Kronenberg


Proud: collection of the Dutch Sport Horse Sales is online!

Proud: collection of the Dutch Sport Horse Sales is online!

It’s finally there! The collection of the annual show jumper auction the Dutch Sport Horse Sales is now online. We are proud of the result!

The Dutch Sport Horse Sales is a world famous auction that guarantees a strong collection. Paul, Emile, Timothy & Michel Hendrix and Yves Houtackers have again brought together a nice group of young horses for the 13th edition, which are now exhibited online. Each horse has a description, photos, video and pedigree. These talents attract many national and international buyers every year: there are 1,200 annual visitors of 21 different countries. The international character of the Dutch Sport Horse Sales makes that it is the perfect place to buy horses and to get to know people.

Equine MERC is responsible for the organisation of this event since 2012. For the first time, the auction will be held at the Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen in Kronenberg, Limburg province. We are looking forward to it!

Presentation: Monday September 19th – 19:30 hours
Auction: Tuesday September 20th – 19:30 hours

Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen
Travers 5 (navigation Peelstraat)
5976 PL Kronenberg

Click here to go to the collection.

Daisy present at CHIO Rotterdam

Daisy present at CHIO Rotterdam

During the prestigious CHIO Rotterdam, which took place from June 23rd until 26th, Daisy van Nieuwkasteele of Equine MERC was there for clients Horse & Country TV and Zegwaard Rioolontstopping. Besides enjoying equestrian sports, Equine MERC had a busy schedule in Rotterdam.

Daisy is the presenter of Passe Partout, a tv program of Horse & Country TV. She catched all the highlights for the episode about CHIO Rotterdam. The premiere of this broadcast can be seen on July 11th at 20.30 on Horse & Country TV. This episode will include interviews with Emile Hendrix (about the SFN-auction), Jelmer Hoekstra (winner of the Six Bar), Danielle Heijkoop, Joost Peters, and Priscilla Nuijens of Stal Zegwaard.

Besides being a presenter, Daisy also manned the VIP lodge of Zegwaard Rioolonstopping. She was the hostess and made sure guests were enjoying themselves and that everything was allright.

We can look back with satisfaction at the Equine MERC activities on this successful event, where not only the riders but also Daisy came into action.

Bert Rutten new committee member Limburg Foal Auction

Bert Rutten new committee member Limburg Foal Auction

Bert Rutten is the new member of the selection commission for dressage foals of the Limburg Foal Auction. Bert Rutten runs his own dressage stable in Hunsel, Limburg. His goal is to breed good and talented sport horses, and to train and sell them again. He has amassed a lot of knowledge in selecting good dressage horses. We are therefore pleased that he joins our committee and we wish him good luck in selecting talented dressage foals for in our auction.

The selection committee for the jumping foals consists of Harrie Derks, Paul Hendrix and Cor Loeffen. For the dressage foals the committee consists of Harrie Derks, Bert Rutten, Gertjan van Olst and Trudi Houwen.

The selection days:
Tuesday May 24th – Panningen
Tuesday June 28th – Wanssum
Monday July 4th – Den Hout
Monday July 11th – Susteren
Monday July 25th – Weert

Extra team member at Equine MERC

Extra team member at Equine MERC

Since this week we have an extra team member. Lisanne van Batavia will join us for the next three months to do her graduation internship. Lisanne is 22 years old and lives in ‘t Harde. She is studying Equine Business Administration at the University of Applied Science in Dronten.

Lisanne has experience in the equestrian sports and she would like to learn more about marketing and organizing events. Well, then you’re quite right at Equine MERC!

She will keep the different social media accounts and websites up to date. She will also be in the Horse & Country TV stand during events and design new ads.

We wish you good luck Lisanne!

Horses & Marketing by Equine MERC: World Dressage Masters Guide 2016

Horses & Marketing by Equine MERC: World Dressage Masters Guide 2016

For the third year in a row we designed the World Dressage Masters Guide! We took care of all most of the content, lay-out and made most of the pictures for the guide. This year the guide includes articles about e.g. Jessica Werndl, Katrina Wüst, Tommie Visser, Iris Porsche and Silvia Rizzo. In addition, we were also responsible for sales.

We are very proud! What do you think?

Have a look at the guide below:

Equine MERC sales agent for Al Fares Horse Fair in Dubai

Equine MERC sales agent for Al Fares Horse Fair in Dubai

Equine MERC is sales agent for Al Fares Horse Fair in Dubai since 2014. We handle the sales for the Benelux. This year the fair will take place from October 5th until 7th in the Meydan Racecourse, a luxurious complex of 7.5 million m2. Meydan is a concept of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister of Dubai. The magnificent Meydan is besides the location for the Al Fares Horse Fair also host of the famous Dubai World Cup, the biggest sport event and social happening in Dubai. In short, Meydan is the perfect location for horse lovers and the rich and famous.

Arabic riders come more and more towards Europe to practice equestrian sports. Equestrian sport is hugely popular in Arabia and the Al Fares Dubai Horse Fair is a logical follow up. Previous years the fair attracted 5,000 visitors, of which 708 came from the UAE itself. At the fair there were 215 companies present with a high percentage of 69% of international companies. The exhibition focuses on a wide range of subjects related to equestrian sports, including diet and supplements, trailers and trucks, breeding, stables, tack, clothing, art, riding clubs and lifestyle.

Are you interested in participating? Contact Daisy Nieuwkasteele of Equine MERC, official agent of Al Fares Horse Fair.

Email: or phone: 06 2411 0599.


More information about the exhibition can be found at

Download the Al Fares Dubai Brochure 2016

Equine MERC guest at the official opening of De Peelbergen

Equine MERC guest at the official opening of De Peelbergen

The 29th of February was the official opening of Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen in Kronenberg, Limburg province. Equine MERC was invited for the occasion. For this evening we provided the presentation, welcome screens at the entrance and photography.

De Peelbergen offers possibilities for organising regional, national and international competitions and daily training of horses and riders. In addition, they have good catering facilities, a restaurant and bar, and they offer the possibilities to organise non-equestrian events such as concerts and fairs.

De Peelbergen uses our services since late last year. We made their website, design their print and we monitor their corporate identity. During the first hour of the opening they showed a presentation that is designed by Equine MERC. This presentation contained impressions of the complex and logos of the founders and co-founders. Additionally, Equine MERC had designed the welcome screens at the entrance and Luc van Moorsel was the photographer of the evening.

The Mayor of Horst aan de Maas, Kees van Rooij, and deputy of the province of Limburg, Ger Koopmans, were both present to open the complex. The evening was a great success and while enjoying an appetiser and a drink, people could enjoy beautiful violin and bagpipe performances. One of the highlights of the evening was undoubtedly the appearance of Tren van Enckevoort from the popular Dutch band Rowwen Hèze.

We look forward to the upcoming events at Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen!






peelbergen, equine merc, marketing, equestrian centre

Equine MERC designes stallion brochure Team Nijhof

Equine MERC designes stallion brochure Team Nijhof

In 2016 we designed the stallion brochure for Team Nijhof for the first time, what a nice job! The Nijhof family, who are very well known in the equestrian business, has been sending stallion brochures to their clients for many years. This year they wanted to have a totally renewed design, also because of their 100 year anniversary. Our task was to freshen up the brochure and use nice large photo’s. There was also decided to work with a bigger size.

12.000 brochures were send as an attachment with the breeding magazine of KWPN IDS (In de Strengen). The brochures were also send to Team Nijhof’s customers. In total 15.000 Dutch, 2.500 English and 2.500 German brochures were printed.

Equine MERC gives lecture ‘Online sales promotion’

Equine MERC gives lecture ‘Online sales promotion’

Monday evening, Luc van Moorsel and Daisy Nieuwkasteele of Equine MERC were invited by KWPN North East Brabant to give a lecture. The lecture had the subject “Online Sales Promotion” and took place at horse riding school ‘t Kantje in Nistelrode, Brabant province.

Equine MERC is a marketing and event agency specialized in the equestrian sector. That means that we have a lot of knowledge when it comes to online business in the horse world, also online horse sales. During an interactive evening we addressed this topic.

The question asked was: imagine, you have a good foal in the meadow and you want to sell it for a good price. What is your plan? Only word of mouth, or does it take more? And which approach is most effective?

Online developments
Before the arrival of the Internet, the horse market was small. Selling a horse took place mostly within the circle of acquaintances. Word of mouth was the key to success. With the arrival of the Internet, all boundaries disappeared like snow in the sun. Now we can no longer imagine life without the international market. Currently, there are 7 billion people living on this planet, of which 3 billion people have access to the Internet. So many potential buyers! Thus, why not use the Internet?

What can you do?
It is clear that the Internet ensures many potential buyers. But what steps to take next?
Some important factors in online marketing:
1 Website
2 Social media
3 Ads on commerce sites
4 Banners on websites
5 Online Auctions

With your own website you can inform buyers that a horse is for sale. Our customers have indicated that a website leads to more serious stable visits and more sales. Moreover, a good website makes it easier to be found on Google. Google is the largest search engine in the world, and it increases your chances of selling a horse considerably.

Besides a good website, the use of social media can be very helpful in selling horses. Through advertising on social media, such as Facebook and Youtube, chances are you increase your audience and that will result in an increase of sales.

If you have any questions about this subject, you can always contact us. Click here to download the presentation.

Photoshoot Laurens van Lieren Dressage

Photoshoot Laurens van Lieren Dressage

Equine MERC is currently working on the website of Laurens van Lieren Dressage, which will be launched soon. A while ago, we held a photoshoot at the Selevia Hoeve in Werkendam to shoot the pictures for the website. Watch the impression of the photoshoot in the video below.



Equine MERC invited at World Dressage Masters Lier

Equine MERC invited at World Dressage Masters Lier

What a thrill! Last Saturday, November 7th, Equine MERC was invited at the Grand Prix, part of World Dressage Masters. It was the first time that the event was held at the Azelhof in Lier, Belgium. It was an atmospheric setting full of beautiful sport, horse people and the associated fun. The World Dressage Masters Guide, designed by us, was on all the VIP tables and was well read. During the event, which started on Tuesday the 3rd, there were many outstanding performances. We were present during the Grand Prix Freestyle on Saturday night.

The Grand Prix Freestyle guarantees many fantastic rides, but one was clearly the best. Tommie Visser won with an amazing ride with Variohippique’s Vingino (by Polansky) the Grand Prix Freestyle with a score of no less than 75.200%. He left Minderhoud behind him, who finished in second place with Zanardi (by Rubels) with 75.050%. Inna Logutenkova was third with Fleraro (by Flemmingh) with a score of 74.625%. Patrick van der Meer with Zippo (by Rousseau) finished in fourth place, with a score of 74.200%.

As icing on the cake for Visser, due to his unbelievable score during the GP in Lier, he has a chance to become part of the Olympic team. Up to Rio 2016!

View all the results.

dressage, horses, tommie visser, lier, grand prix

dressage, horses, tommie visser, equine merc, grand prix, world dressage masters

world dressage masters, lier, dressuur, dressage, paarden, horses, tommie visser, hans peter minderhoud, grand prix


Satisfied stand holders during China Open Beijing

Satisfied stand holders during China Open Beijing

From 15 to 18 October, the sceond edition of the China OPEN Jumping & National Young Riders Cup took place at the Event Center Equuleus in Beijing. The owner of Equuleus, Michelle Wang, was the organiser and Equine MERC was responsible for the sales of the stands from the Netherlands. Multiple international top riders competed in this event, for example Vincent Voorn and Tom Martens. The Dutch Rob Janssen, who previously provided high quality Agtenberg floorings for the horse club in inside and outside riding halls, was responsible for building the course and he also gave a few interesting clinics.

The programme was well organised. The straw village was professional and very nicely decorated. The event ended with a magnificent gala dinner to which all interested were invited which provided a good networking event.

During the event Chantal van Dijk (Dutch Show Horses) and the Holland Horse Foundation shared a stand. Their partner Xcellent Horse Insurance (previously known as HippoZorg) was also attending, their director Jack Oomen was present.

Oomen is very positive about this first edition; “The event was very well organised, it looked like a Champion Tour! I am also satisfied about the quality of the riders. I noticed that the equestrian sport becomes more and more professional in China, which is a good reason to keep a close eye on the sport in China.”

Chantal van Dijk; “The fair was perfectly organized and it is very visible that the sport has experienced rapid development, even though there is still enough to learn. I have met a few interesting customers, time will show what these contacts will lead to.”

The event was a great success and definitely tastes for more, so on to the next edition!

The results:

1.40m-1.45m 1st round
1. Herman Klopper, Leonidas
2. Tom Martens, APG
3. Christian Kukuk, Lucky Luke

1.40m-1.45m 2nd round
1. Herman Klopper, Leonidas
2. E Erding, TengDa
3. Wu Hui, DuoJin

1.20m-1.30m Team 1st round
1. Dashing (Herman Klopper, Christian Kukuk, Wang Ella)
2. Sherwood Int (Hadatie, Cheng Hai, Hou Yunhong)
3. YueHeWan (JiaoJiao, Dong Luisai, Yuan Maodong)

1.20m-1.30m Individual 1st round
1. Yuan Maodong, HouYi
2. Christian Kukuk
3. Yuan Maodong, ZhaKaNuo

1.20m-1.30m Team 2nd round
1. Dashing (Herman Klopper, Christian Kukuk, Wang Ella)
2. Clearwood (Jirirgalatu, E Erding, Daniel, Zheng WenJie)
3. YueHeWan (Chaogetu, JiaoJiao, Dong Liusai, Yuan Maodong)

1.20m-1.30m Individual 2nd Round
1. Daniel
2. Daniel Klopper
3. Wang Ella

Dutch Dressage Championships: dates 2016 known

Dutch Dressage Championships: dates 2016 known

The Dutch Dressage Championships 2015, that took place in Ermelo for the first time, were a huge success. Therefore, the organization is thrilled to announce the dates for next year. The Dutch Dressage Championships 2016 will take place from 15 to 17  july. You can already write these down on your calendar!

The organization, just like in 2015, will be in the hands of V2 Facility. They already proved themselves by renewing the Dutch Dressage Championships, together with partners and sponsors. All involved look enthusiastically forward to the next edition and are keen to grow the Dutch Dressage Championships into a major event.

Equine MERC organized selection rounds Auction4Good

Equine MERC organized selection rounds Auction4Good

Roosendaal – Equine MERC organized the first selection round of the new Dutch dressage horse auction Auction4Good today. This is a new initiative of World Dressage Masters and Heemskerk B.V. Global Horse Company. The auction will take place on Thursday December 3rd.

The location of the selection round is the same as the auction itself: equestrian center Den Goubergh in Roosendaal. Directly after the selection, all the horses are photographed (Made by Jessy) and videod (UHorse).

Daisy van Nieuwkasteele and Luc van Moorsel of Equine MERC are, besides organizing the selection rounds, responsible for the realization of the website of Auction4Good and the development of the catalogue.

LUC_0557 LUC_0686 LUC_0696 LUC_0593

Auction4Good veiling

New website Dutch Sport Horse Sales online

New website Dutch Sport Horse Sales online

Equine MERC and Bonsai Media together realized a totally new website for the Dutch Sport Horse Sales. The website is online since the beginning of this week.
The previous website of the Dutch Sport Horse Sales, an annual auction for young talented show jumpers, was five years old. Since the developments on the internet go quick, it is smart to regularly check if our website is still meeting the demand. With the advice of Equine MERC, the organisation decided to renew the equestrian website.
One of the biggest incentives to renew the website was that it was not responsive – did not adapt to different screen sizes. Equine MERC knows the market and knows that especially riders (potential buyers and/or advisers for their sponsors) use their phones and tablets to gain their information on the internet. The website is now designed to modern standards and is easy to use.
The site is finished in time to present this years collection. The Dutch Sport Horse Sales takes place on Tuesday September 22nd in the city of Weert. Equine MERC is also responsible for the organisation of this event.
Click here to have a look at the new website.

Photocredit: Digishots

Successful edition Dutch Dressage Championships 2015

Successful edition Dutch Dressage Championships 2015

July 21st 2015

The Dutch Dressage Championships were held in Ermelo from the 17th until the 19th of July. The organisation received lots of positive reactions about the new concept of the dressage event. The weather was very helpful, the atmosphere was great and all the Dutch top combinations were there to compete.

The Dutch Dressage Championships attracted over 3.300 visitors, 128 riders, 149 horses, 233 co-workers and 27 different media. €35.000,- on prize money was given to the riders.

Equine MERC was responsible for all the marketing and communication for this event. This was an assignment we received from organiser V2 Facility. It was a beautiful assignment on which we worked hard. We designed the logo and the website and we did the maintenance of the website and social media. We also created all the advertisements, signing and flags.

On the first day the Equine MERC Price was being ridden. Denise Nekeman and Boston STH were the best combination in this qualifier.

We are looking forward to the 2016-edition of the Dutch Dressage Championships.


Online presence defines your organisation!

Online presence defines your organisation!

Experts of equestrian websites Luc van Moorsel and Daisy van Nieuwkasteele are on the road again. They travel to the South of Limburg province to have a meeting with the managers of a riding school. The riding school is another example of an organisation that is doing well business wise but could improve their online presence to enhance the business. It turn out time and time again that websites that were building by people with no knowledge of horses do not meet the requirements of horse people and therefore; your target group!
In the society in which we now live, internet is more important then ever. Big breakthroughs were realised in 2014 when it comes to online marketing. Mobile experiences became crucial for online success. These and other changes will continue to develop.
Editorial content (text, video, sound, images, etc.) that is relevant and valuable has the purpose to reach a targeted audience. De online presence defines your organisation. You simply do not exist in the eyes of many without a well-developed online presence!
Would you like to know how Equine MERC could help you with your online, but also offline, presentation? Contact us so we can plan a personal and non-bounding meeting. We will discus and advice all aspects of your equestrian website.


Stal Sluisweg has new pictures!

Stal Sluisweg has new pictures!

We were invited to take pictures at the premises of our customer Stal Sluisweg. The breeder of Frisian horses will launch a new site soon. The owner needed content, also pictures of their horses and accommodation. And a cow ;-)

Check some of the pictures on our  Facebookpage.

Foal photography at Stoeterij Vissers

Foal photography at Stoeterij Vissers

Luc van Moorsel, co-owner of equestrian marketing and event agency Equine MERC, has photographed the first three foals of Stoeterij Vissers today.

Equine MERC developed the website of the horse company. Owner Wim Vissers has a year contract with the marketing agency. Customers from abroad can now easily find the talented foals.

King Zappa (Zapatero VDL x Corrado I)
Kentucky (Toulon x Lennon)
Kathryn (Etoulon x Clarimo)

Click on the link to check the pictures.

There are still four foals coming up. When these are born, Luc will visit Stoeterij Vissers again to take pictures of the new foals. After all, the website should always be up to date.


Equine MERC two days on the road with Horse & Country TV

Equine MERC two days on the road with Horse & Country TV

Equine MERC owners Daisy van Nieuwkasteele and Luc van Moorsel have had two busy but very useful days. They have been throughout the country together with the English Ingrid Pountney in order to meet prospects. Ingrid works at the head quarters of Horse & Country TV in London.

Horse & Country TV is a television channel that broadcasts equestrian programmes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 5 million Dutch households currently receive the channel. The television channel is one of Equine MERC’s customers since February last year. Equine MERC takes care of all marketing and communication of the channel in The Netherlands. Besides that, the equestrian event and marketing agency is also responsible for the advertisement sales.

An increasing number of equestrian entrepreneurs are finding out that Horse & Country TV is a very effective way to promote their company or brand. The reach of this marketing tool is huge. That is why Daisy van Nieuwkasteele and Luc van Moorsel arranged meetings with several equestrian clothing brands, a chain of tack shops and a travel agency that is specialized in holidays on horse back. Together with Ingrid Pountney, sales department at the head quarters of Horse & Country TV in London, the visited the companies to talk about the possibilities.

Are you also interested in an appointment? Call Daisy at 0031 6 24 11 05 99.

Equine MERC responsible for marketing Dutch dressage championships

Equine MERC responsible for marketing Dutch dressage championships

ERMELO (KNHS) – The board of the KNHS has appointed the Dutch dressage and para-dressage championships to the organisation V2 Facility for a period of three years. 

V2 Facility
V2 Facility is well-known for its facility services. Mainly equestrian events, but also tennis tournament Topshelf Open, the world championships BMX and the Giro d’Italia 2010 were organized by them.

Equine MERC
The equestrian event and marketing agency Equine MERC will be responsible for all marketing and communication concerning the Dutch dressage championships. V2 Facility approached them to do the job. Entrepreneurs Luc van Moorsel and Daisy van Nieuwkasteele are looking forward to the event and all preparations prior to the event.

Horse & Country TV broadcasted by UPC

Horse & Country TV broadcasted by UPC

Horse & Country TV, the specialist equestrian sports and lifestyle network, is set to become available to UPC Nederland cable subscribers across The Netherlands as part of a new distribution deal. The channel will be part of the Interactieve Digitale TV Royaal package from April 1st 2015. This deal means that H&C TV will now reach more than 5 million Dutch cable households across 16 different networks.

H&C TV CEO, Heather Killen, said: “Extending our distribution with UPC demonstrates how Horse & Country TV has firmly established itself in the media landscape of The Netherlands and we are delighted to become available to even more people with a passion for equestrian sports and country lifestyle.”

Equine MERC busy during KWPN Stallion Show

Equine MERC busy during KWPN Stallion Show

The four days of work during the KWPN Stallion Show in ’s-Hertogenbosch were both challenging and a lot of fun. Luc took take of the stand of Stal Hendrix for the third year in a row. The stand was part of a crowded fair. Many new breeders have met the stallions of Stal Hendrix. But there were also many dedicated breeders and volunteers of the Limburg Foal Auction.

V2 Facility employed Daisy, she took care of the VIP’s during the entire event. Everything had to go smooth, and it did. The visitors have seen a beautiful program and exciting sport. We cannot wait until next year!

Stoeterij Vissers Website online from today

Stoeterij Vissers Website online from today

A lot of work has gone into it, it is ready and we are proud of it; the completely renewed Stoeterij Vissers website. Daisy van Nieuwkasteele and Luc van Moorsel from Equine MERC designed the website. They also wrote the texts and took the photos.

The site shows you everything you want to know, the successes and philosophy, news items and all the horses and foals that Stoeterij Vissers has at this moment. The site also includes several horses and foals that have already been sold.