Equine MERC organiseert Luciana Diniz’ GROW Ride

Equine MERC organiseert Luciana Diniz’ GROW Ride

Last week, Luc and Daisy organised the GROW Ride event in Wachtberg for one of the best showjumpers in the world: Luciana Diniz. The Brazilian Luciana has developed a program combining coaches from all over the world; GROW Ride. This program challenges the riding skills of participants, but they get also challenged emotionally. In addition, fitness is also one of the important subjects of GROW!

Showjumpers & company day
Participants could chose between different programs. There was a five-day and a two-day program. These programs were specially designed for show jumpers. The intensive time that the participants spent together resulted in a good group feeling, creating a super atmosphere.

There was also a special day for companies. Also non-equestrian entrepreneurs could register for this day. This created particularly beautiful situations between people with zero horse experience and the noble animals.


Physical & mental fitness
During GROW, attention was paid to a wide range of subjects. The Colombian Diego Linares, initiator of Rider Balance, put the riders to work. He showed that balance is one of the core values ​​of a good riding posture. He let the participants execute exercises to improve core stability, posture and balance. Deto Marco da Silva freed all participants from aggression and tension with his boxing lessons.

Xiaofei Sui showed the art of Taiji ball. By mixing tennis and tai chi, self-awareness and awareness of the body is improved.

Bettina Halifax spent time on mental well being in smaller groups during the Emotional ride.

Dressage queen Monica Theodorescu
Because dressage is the basis of almost every equestrian sport, this discipline was also on the agenda. The first couple of days, Susanna Andersch and Antonio Luis Conejo Paez from Club de Equitación Rio Grande from Spain trained the showjumpers. They focused on various dressage exercises, such as flying changes.

On Friday, Monica Theodorescu, yes: the national coach of the German dressage team, came to Wachtberg to provide dressage classes. She showed them the intricacies of the trade. It was amazing to see how quickly the riders picked up the tips and showed improvement.


Color counting
The participants started riding in a playful manner during the color counting part. While riding, the riders were asked questions, putting their focus on the test. Examples of this are calculating sums and rising and sitting down in canter.

Butterfly exercises
Of course, GROW also paid attention to jumping. Antonis Petris, for example, put the riders to work with cavaletti’s and Luciana Diniz explained her Butterfly exercises. Per participant the exercises were videotaped and analysed in the evening.

Psyche of the horse
The psyche of the horse was also discussed. Horsemanship expert Leo Rauscher taught all participants everything about good horsemanship. Delilah Cuddihy went deeper into the behavior of horses at a scientific level. Finally, Anna Kerckhoff de Sacchi performed a demonstration with a horse in the round pen. She showed how to be a good leader and how well a horse can mirror your emotions.

The week ended with a competition that was won by the American Katia Manuel Adams. She managed to secure a place for the final which will take place next year. The French rider Marie Madeuf became second and the third place was for the young Irish rider Finn O’Hara.

Click here an impression of GROW.

Successful second edition CDI4* Lier

Successful second edition CDI4* Lier

From February 28th to 4 March 4th, a grand dressage event took place in Lier: CDI4* Lier! For this second edition of the competition we, Equine MERC, were among other things asked to design and fill a completely new website. Within record time we had delivered a complete website. The event is now easy to find on the Internet. And oh, worth mentioning is that the event had the Equine MERC Prix!

Prior to the event, we took care of the promo material and provided the social media with a fun and new look. During the event we were also responsible for reporting together with Equnews. We were also the sponsor of the Equine MERC Prix; the U25 Grand Prix Freestyle. The Danish rider Nanna Skodberg Merrald won this category. Luc van Moorsel was the lucky one who handed her the prize.

Dressage sport of the highest level

Super performances were delivered during CDI Lier by, among others, the Belgian rider Jorinde Verwimp. She was with her Tiamo the victor in the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle. The Spaniard Sergio Martin Palos won first place in the Grand Prix Special. In short: dressage lovers could eat their heart out!

2019 edition

We want to thank the organization of CDI Lier for a really nice cooperation. In 2019 the exciting event will take place from 27 February to 3 March. We are already excited!

Luc van Moorsel presenter at Stal Hendrix’ stallion show

Luc van Moorsel presenter at Stal Hendrix’ stallion show

KESSEL – The fifth edition of Stal Hendrix’ stallion show took place last night. Luc van Moorsel, co-owner of equestrian marketing and event agency Equine MERC, was responsible for hosting this annual evening.

Six studs were presented last night: Don Diablo HX, Gaspahr, Cape Coral RBF Z, George and Entertainer are all stallions that have been in training at Stal Hendrix for several years now. They exceed their promises; both as sires and sport horses. The 20-year-old Ultimo van ter Moude also appeared in the arena. The former Grand Prix horse ridden by Todd Minikus was presented on hand.

Two or more offspring were shown of every stud. Both ridden or on hand. This was highly appreciated by the visitors.

After every stallion made his entrance, Luc did a short introduction. Paul and Emile Hendrix took over afterwards for a more technical clarification.

There was an honouring planned halfway through the evening for the breeders of two successful young stallions. Both stallions, owned by Stal Hendrix, have succeeded in the first, second and third round viewings and are now invited for the KWPN stallion test.

It was a beautiful edition. We thank Stal Hendrix for their trust.

Cape Coral RBF Z and Pieter Keunen in the arena during the stallion show at Stal Hendrix
Stal Hendrix
Piet Keunen and Jack Verstappen during the honoring of their successful breeding products
Stal Hendrix Cape Coral RBF Z
Cape Coral RBF Z showed some impressive jumps last night with Pieter Keunen