Hoefslag Masterclass

Hoefslag Masterclass

Hoefslag Masterclass

Hoefslag Masterclass is an annual masterclass with a theme that is recognizable and appealing for many riders. During this Masterclass we go for excellence in equestrian education, with riders from the Olympic team and professionals who are well known in their field. Last year the event was a great success; there were many horse lovers and it was a very enjoyable and educational day!

Marketing and event agency Equine MERC is in 2017 responsible for the organization and promotion of the Masterclass. This super informative day will take place on May 20th on the site of the Rotterdam Manège / CHIO Rotterdam. The 2017 theme is: Learn to understand your horse better.

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May 20th 2017: Learn to understand your horse better

In this edition of Hoefslag Masterclass all issues that can be the cause of any communication problems between you and your four-legged friend. Have you and your horse ever not understood each other completely? Then this Masterclass, with the theme “Learn to understand your horse better ‘ is really something for you!

Organised by Equine MERC since 2017!

The Hoefslag Masterclass is an event of our liking. It is a day which is dedicated to horse lovers. Each year, the Masterclass has a new inspiring theme with the aim to learn horse people even more their beloved friend(s). But most important, it is a very fun day! The event is organised by Equine MERC since it’s second edition in 2017.

Numbers and more

To give you an idea of the magnitude of the event we put some figures of the first edition in 2016 at a glance:

– 9 exclusive speakers
– 700 seats
– 2nd edition of Hoefslag Masterclass

Exclusive speakers

During the first edition of Hoefslag Masterclass in 2016 there were 2 Olympic team riders, three Grand Prix riders, one mental coach, three behavioral experts, one physiotherapist, one sports physiologist, 1 Grand Prix judge, two emerging talents, 3 Hoefslag Readers and 2 presenters!


The Rotterdam Manège located in the Kralingse Bos is known by horse-loving Netherlands. The wonderfully atmospheric outdoor accommodation with a comfortable grandstand and great arena’s, provides an excellent basis for the Hoefslag Masterclass.

700 seats

Hoefslag Masterclass is an event that attracts many horse lovers who like to learn more about their horse. Last year, 700 visitors attended the first edition! We look forward to May to welcome all horse people in Rotterdam.

What? When? What time?

Hoefslag Masterclass | Saturday May 20th | 10.30 – 18.30 hours


Volunteers meeting Hippische Zone

Volunteers meeting Hippische Zone

Commissioned by Horst aan de Maas, Marketing and event agency Equine MERC organised a volunteers meeting for the Equestrian Zone. The Equestrian Zone of Horst aan de Maas is part of the horse boulevard of the Netherlands and is one of the hotspots of the Limburg Equestrian Plan.

Horst aan de Maas cooperates with several foundations to improve the position of the Equestrian Zone; Stichting Aangespannen Evenementen Noord-Limburg, Stichting SGW Noord-Limburg, Stichting Ruiterbelangen Sevenum and Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen (ECdP)

Volunteers are very important in this project. This meeting was set up to ensure that everyone involved is up-to-date of all the new plans and changes.

We took care of all organisation and communication. See the compilation on the left.




Auction4Good is an auction of talented 3 to 7-year old dressage horses. This first edition took place on Thursday December the 3rd at PSC Den Goubergh in Roosendaal. The auction guarantees a strong collection of talented young dressage horses. During the first edition, the horses were sold for an average price of €42.781,25. During the auction and prior to the auction, we make sure that our clients can be engaged with the horses and the customers. We take care of the rest. You could think of organizing the photo and video days, maintaining the website, designing the catalogue, managing staff, designing and sending invitations to VIP guests, ensure that the plan is followed and so on.

Live stream & telephone bids

Auction4Good is an event you really want to attend! The auction only has very talented young dressage horses in the collection, which are sold to customers all over the world.  Can you not be there? We organise a very good livestream and telephone bids, so we can ensure you that you can bid on the horses.

Organized during the World Dressage Masters!

Auction4Good takes place during the World Dressage Masters in Roosendaal. This is an unique concept, which proved to be very successful. The first edition of Auction4Good turned out to be very promissing for the future and we are looking forward to next edition!

Strength of the auction

The strength of the auction is the transparency between seller and buyer. Besides, the auction has a carefully selected collection, where quality and health of the young talents has the highest priority.

  • Auction of talented dressage horses
  • 1% of the proceeds goes to charity
  • 100% transparency between seller and buyer
paardenveiling, horse auction, pferde auktion


Auctioneer Dirk Zagers made the first edition of the auction a big succes. This very experienced auctioneer always knows how to excite the crowd and make it a wonderful evening.

Sport fund ParaPaard

The auction donates 1% of the proceeds to Sport fund ParaPaard. This fund helps all riding schools and foundations that are committed to let handicapped people ride a horse.

Saxophonist and gymnast

Saxophonist Tijs Cook prepared a spectacular show with amazing uptempo beats. He was accompanied by gymnast Renske Endel who had a mesmerizing act.

Limburg Foal Auction

Limburg Foal Auction

This auction was organised for the first time in 2000. The purpose of the auction is to provide a sales channel for breeders in the South of The Netherlands. In the meantime the auction has become known worldwide and attracts many international buyers.

During the two years that Luc worked at Stal Hendrix, this auction was one of his projects. The 2014 edition was the first that Equine MERC organised. We organise the entire event, from the selection days to the catering, and from the First Aiders to all the volunteers.

In 2017 in total 109 foals were sold via the auction, with an average price of €9.400,-

Platinum Stable Stallion Show

Platinum Stable Stallion Show

Platiunum Stable is a dressage and trading yard, a stud farm, but above all a training centre for Asian riders. They form a bridge between the dressage sport in The Netherlands and that in Singapore, Indonesia and China.

Equine MERC organised Platinum Stables’ first stallion show. We were responsible for promoting the event, organised the sound and lighting, the programme for the evening and the presentation. Together with the whole team, it was a very successful evening to which more than 600 visitors came.

The stallion show gave a significant impulse to the stud farm and the notoriety of the yard.


Stal Hendrix Stallion Show

Stal Hendrix Stallion Show

Brothers Paul and Emile Hendrix have been a successful partnership since 1977. They run a jumping and trading yard with two beautiful yards in Baarlo and Kessel, in Limburg. Stal Hendrix is known for its top-level jumping horses and international clientèle. As well as sport and trading, there are also activities such as breeding, a stallion farm, training and events.

During his career at Stal Hendrix, Luc organised their very first stallion show in 2013. Since then Equine MERC organises this annual event. We arrange the promotion and the decoration of the various halls. We make the presentations and pictures that are shown on the LED-screen, and arrange the catering as well.

We also seek fitting music for each stallion and Luc acts as ringmaster during this stallion show. Last year no fewer than 900 visitors were treated to Stal Hendrix’s nine stallions and several of their offspring.

Horse & Country TV Roadshow

Horse & Country TV Roadshow

Horse & Country TV is the television channel for country and horse lovers. The channel can be seen in England, Ireland, Sweden, Australia and The Netherlands. In The Netherlands the channel has about 3.5 million connections.

We are responsible for the sale of Dutch commercials. To emphasize this we organised a meeting in a cinema in Rotterdam where interested parties could hear about the application of television commercials in the equestrian sector. Speakers from the head office in London were present to give these lectures.

Equine MERC will organise these Roadshows for Horse & Country TV annually.

Dutch Sport Horse Sales

Dutch Sport Horse Sales

Dutch Sport Horse Sales

The international top auction is one of the events organised by Equine MERC. The Dutch Sport Horse Sales is an initiative of Paul and Emile Hendrix and Yves Houtackers. Every year, it takes place at Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen in Kronenberg. The last edition was record-breaking. In total 26 horses in the age of 4-, 5- and 6-year-old show jumpers for an average price of €137.000,-.

Our clients have to be able to be fully focussed on their horses and guests. We do the rest: before, during and after the auction. We e.g. organise photo and video days, update the website, design the catalogue, make sure the staff knows what to do, design and send invitations for VIP-guests and make sure the event schedule is followed.

Live stream & bidding by telephone

Believe us: you don’t want to miss this event. Young and talented horses will go under the hammer to many national and international horsemen. Is it really not possible to attend the auction? The livestream and bidding by telephone are well organised so you are always able to bid on the horse you like.

Organized by Equine MERC since 2012!

The Dutch Sport Horse Sales is an event we are proud of. It is an honor to organise an event so classy and international. Luc has organized the event in 2012 and 2013 when he was an employee of Stal Hendrix. Since 2014, the organization is in the hands of Equine MERC.

Numbers & more

To illustrate the size of the auction we collected some numbers:

– 1.200 visitors from 21 different countries
– 11.934 viewers from 58 different countries via livestream
– 26 show jumpers in the age of 4, 5 and 6-year-old
– Average price of €137.000,-
– 510 guests VIP restaurant
– 2.000 catalogues

Catalogus DSHS


Auctioneer Koen Olaerts always knows how to make a good show. The charming horsemen makes every edition into a success.

Horse & Youngster of the Year

This year, Apart won the award of Horse of the Year and Chica B Z was the chosen one for Youngster of the Year. Both horses resemble where the Dutch Sport Horse Sales stands for.


Three singers of the trio BLUSH were attending the auction to perform the entertainment. Lieke Schijven, Meghan Jansen and Karlijn van Dinther put down a great performance! Major thanks to them!

Where? When? What time?

Preview | Monday October 2nd 2018 | 19.30 hours
Auction | Tuesday October 3rd 2018 | 19.30 hours