Aşure Netherlands

Aşure Netherlands

The marketing and event agency Equine MERC provides the entire social media for architect Aşure Netherlands. On behalf of Asure, we put together a monthly marketing plan for the Instagram and Facebook page. We are also active on Google Adwords and we use Facebook campaigns to optimize their social media.

What we do for Aşure Netherlands:

  • Instagram posts.
  • Facebook posts.
  • Facebook campaigns.
  • Google Adwords campaigns.
Dressuurstal Verwimp

Dressuurstal Verwimp

For a stable like Dressuurstal Verwimp it is important that all information on the website is up-to-date and also remains up-to-date. Jorinde Verwimp, an Olympic dressage rider, participates in major competitions almost every weekend. We produce news articles from these results and other important news. We then share these news items on the website, Facebook and Universal Horse Data.

What we do for Dressuurstal Verwimp:

  • Keep website up-to-date.
  • Writing news articles.
  • Share news items on the website, Facebook & Universal Horsedata.
  • Facebook posts.

Website Dressuurstal Verwimp

Horse & Country TV

Horse & Country TV

Horse & Country TV is continuing its upward trend in the Netherlands! Last November, the only real horse channel in our country reached a record number of viewers. Equine MERC is responsible for all marketing in the Netherlands.

The head office of Horse & Country TV is located in Great Britain. They have chosen Equine MERC to provide marketing in the Netherlands, from both the television channel and the H&C Play app. We know everything about their target group in the Netherlands: people who love horses.

What we do:

  • Keep the website up to date: Program overview, blogs & news items.
  • Social media content: Creating and scheduling posts on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Social media advertising: Creating and setting up campaigns on Instagram & Facebook.
  • Google Adwords: Campaigns to increase brand awareness.
  • Newsletter: We create the monthly newsletter and set up campaigns.
  • Promotion at events: we attend events with a stand with nice promotions at, among others, Jumping Amsterdam, Indoor Brabant & Horse Event.
  • Passe Partout: Daisy is the presenter of the Passe Partout program. In this series she interviews horse people during major Dutch events where she gives viewers a look behind the scenes. Last year there were episodes about Jumping Amsterdam, Indoor Brabant, World Cup Icelanders and Horse Event.

Do you want more information about Horse & Country TV or about our services?
Then call: 06 2411 0599