Horse & Country TV

Horse & Country TV

Horse & Country TV is continuing its upward trend in the Netherlands! Last November, the only real horse channel in our country reached a record number of viewers. Equine MERC is responsible for all marketing in the Netherlands.

The head office of Horse & Country TV is located in Great Britain. They have chosen Equine MERC to provide marketing in the Netherlands, from both the television channel and the H&C Play app. We know everything about their target group in the Netherlands: people who love horses.

What we do:

  • Keep the website up to date: Program overview, blogs & news items.
  • Social media content: Creating and scheduling posts on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Social media advertising: Creating and setting up campaigns on Instagram & Facebook.
  • Google Adwords: Campaigns to increase brand awareness.
  • Newsletter: We create the monthly newsletter and set up campaigns.
  • Promotion at events: we attend events with a stand with nice promotions at, among others, Jumping Amsterdam, Indoor Brabant & Horse Event.
  • Passe Partout: Daisy is the presenter of the Passe Partout program. In this series she interviews horse people during major Dutch events where she gives viewers a look behind the scenes. Last year there were episodes about Jumping Amsterdam, Indoor Brabant, World Cup Icelanders and Horse Event.

Do you want more information about Horse & Country TV or about our services?
Then call: 06 2411 0599