Volunteers meeting Hippische Zone

Commissioned by Horst aan de Maas, Marketing and event agency Equine MERC organised a volunteers meeting for the Equestrian Zone. The Equestrian Zone of Horst aan de Maas is part of the horse boulevard of the Netherlands and is one of the hotspots of the Limburg Equestrian Plan.

Horst aan de Maas cooperates with several foundations to improve the position of the Equestrian Zone; Stichting Aangespannen Evenementen Noord-Limburg, Stichting SGW Noord-Limburg, Stichting Ruiterbelangen Sevenum and Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen (ECdP)

Volunteers are very important in this project. This meeting was set up to ensure that everyone involved is up-to-date of all the new plans and changes.

We took care of all organisation and communication. See the compilation on the left.