Daisy is presenter of information videos Emax Nederland

Daisy is presenter of information videos Emax Nederland

Last Wednesday, Daisy from Equine MERC has provided a nice presentation job for Emax Nederland. An atmospheric hunting hut in Putten was transformed into a real film set for filming up to nine different information videos. This was a very interesting and cuddly job because Daisy had to work with two cats and four dogs!

Marketing Manager Erik van Doorn from Emax Nederland has hired Equine MERC to create nine information videos. These videos explain customers how the purchased products should be used and how the active substances of the veterinary medicinal products work. In addition to writing the script and producing the videos, Equine MERC also took care of the presentation.

The information videos are made for the various veterinary products for dogs and cats to fight worms, fleas and ticks. These are the products of Tick Off, No Worm Pro, Ectoline Duo and Fipralone Spot-on.

Emax Nederland is a leading supplier for animal specialists in the Netherlands. They provide registered veterinary products, care products and veterinary food for dogs and cats. With a passion for animal and animal health, Emax Nederland delivers its range of products with the core values, effectiveness, safety and quality.                                                                                 

The videos will be distributed at the end of May through the channels of Emax Nederland. View the atmospheric impression of the shoot here.

Photo’s: Erik van Doorn


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