Satisfied stand holders during China Open Beijing

Satisfied stand holders during China Open Beijing

From 15 to 18 October, the sceond edition of the China OPEN Jumping & National Young Riders Cup took place at the Event Center Equuleus in Beijing. The owner of Equuleus, Michelle Wang, was the organiser and Equine MERC was responsible for the sales of the stands from the Netherlands. Multiple international top riders competed in this event, for example Vincent Voorn and Tom Martens. The Dutch Rob Janssen, who previously provided high quality Agtenberg floorings for the horse club in inside and outside riding halls, was responsible for building the course and he also gave a few interesting clinics.

The programme was well organised. The straw village was professional and very nicely decorated. The event ended with a magnificent gala dinner to which all interested were invited which provided a good networking event.

During the event Chantal van Dijk (Dutch Show Horses) and the Holland Horse Foundation shared a stand. Their partner Xcellent Horse Insurance (previously known as HippoZorg) was also attending, their director Jack Oomen was present.

Oomen is very positive about this first edition; “The event was very well organised, it looked like a Champion Tour! I am also satisfied about the quality of the riders. I noticed that the equestrian sport becomes more and more professional in China, which is a good reason to keep a close eye on the sport in China.”

Chantal van Dijk; “The fair was perfectly organized and it is very visible that the sport has experienced rapid development, even though there is still enough to learn. I have met a few interesting customers, time will show what these contacts will lead to.”

The event was a great success and definitely tastes for more, so on to the next edition!

The results:

1.40m-1.45m 1st round
1. Herman Klopper, Leonidas
2. Tom Martens, APG
3. Christian Kukuk, Lucky Luke

1.40m-1.45m 2nd round
1. Herman Klopper, Leonidas
2. E Erding, TengDa
3. Wu Hui, DuoJin

1.20m-1.30m Team 1st round
1. Dashing (Herman Klopper, Christian Kukuk, Wang Ella)
2. Sherwood Int (Hadatie, Cheng Hai, Hou Yunhong)
3. YueHeWan (JiaoJiao, Dong Luisai, Yuan Maodong)

1.20m-1.30m Individual 1st round
1. Yuan Maodong, HouYi
2. Christian Kukuk
3. Yuan Maodong, ZhaKaNuo

1.20m-1.30m Team 2nd round
1. Dashing (Herman Klopper, Christian Kukuk, Wang Ella)
2. Clearwood (Jirirgalatu, E Erding, Daniel, Zheng WenJie)
3. YueHeWan (Chaogetu, JiaoJiao, Dong Liusai, Yuan Maodong)

1.20m-1.30m Individual 2nd Round
1. Daniel
2. Daniel Klopper
3. Wang Ella

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