Website Stoeterij VZ Hackerom live!

Website Stoeterij VZ Hackerom live!

After we designed a brand new logo for Stoeterij VZ Hackerom, it was time for a new and modern website! The equestrian company has multiple famous horses and is therefore an established name in the horse world. That’s why it was also important that the website got the matching allure.

We have implemented the VZ Hackerom logo in the website. We have done this among other things with the featured news on the homepage. As a result, the website really is unique. Luc also went to the company to shoot some great pics, to fill the website with good quality photographs.

The horses are of course the most important thing of the company. Hence the horses are clearly categorized. It is easy for visitors to find information on the structured and clear website.

We are very pleased with the website and invite you to take a look!

Website Stoeterij VZ Hackerom

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