Wow, that’s an awesome website of Verwimp

Wow, that’s an awesome website of Verwimp

Dressuurstal Verwimp approached Equine MERC for an update of their website. Jorinde Verwimp travelled to Rio de Janeiro to compete in the Olympic Games of 2016 with her horse Tiamo as the representative of Belgium. The tide was high to update the website to a level that meets the qualities of Dressuurstal Verwimp.

A few of the updates that Equine MERC has done is adding the history of the company, an about us page, information about team members and an up to date overview of the horses. Many beautiful pictures have been added to the website to give the visitors a good impression of the accommodation and the horses. In this way, visitors get a better idea of what Verwimp stands for.

Dressuurstal Verwimp did not only get an update of their website, they also got a Social Media membership. This means that the website, Universal Horse Data and the Facebook page are maintained by Equine MERC. This allows Verwimp to focus for the full 100% at their work with the horses.

Curious about the website? Click here!

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